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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why am i not able to track my order through this link you provided/It shows “Not Found”?
- The tracking page on our website does not work on some devices, please copy your tracking number and paste it in if your tracking number starts with UP, VR, L, if it starts with YT please use on a new window

+ I checked my tracking number there was no new update in the last few days?
- If you can not see a new update for a few days it does not mean that there is something wrong, it mostly happens when your item is in transit or we are waiting for a new update to be provided by your Local Post

+ I live in Denmark, Portugal … but my order is in the Netherlands
- The packages to the most of the European countries first arrive in the Netherlands and from there they are distributed to destination countries

+ My tracking shows that my order is delivered but I have not received it yet
- Please make sure to check your mailbox as the most of couriers leave it in the mailbox if not received please contact your post office and provide your tracking number

+ Why my tracking shows the last update was in Los Angles and since then there is no update
- Currently, this happens for most of US orders as there was pandemic effect as well as the current state of USA which is causing some delays in Custom, however, we get all the orders delivered successfully, please be patient and check back later

+ When I track my order it shows Not Found what do I need to do?
-Please make sure to check your tracking number through the links provided above if it is still the same please email us

+ My tracking status is Alert/Undelivered what do I need to do?
- Please confirm your address by emailing us and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible

You may contact us at Please include your order number and tracking number or you may reply to any emails received from us